what is this blog about


Last night I was drinking tequila. Yesterday I was sleeping for 10 hours. I woke up with the idea of this blog.

I have several blogs — on tumblr, on telegram, on twitter. And I need a new one.

why? #

In the last months, I find myself in unusual thinking. Less about work, more about nature and people.

I started to like taking photos on my phone. I can't read fiction books anymore. There are all boring. I like books about design and programming. I like articles on the internet. Instagrams of strangers. Architecture. Things, that I haven't noticed before.

It feels like the internal point of view has changed.

I want to write it down. I want to do it in English cause my English is really awful. It is the way to remove unnecessary words and concentrates on important thoughts.

I like to do things on a surface, but only for myself. All my poems are like that. It is a dialog between me-in-the-past and me-in-the-future. Also, I like my notes to be available at every moment without login and password. This blog has an option.

so what is this about? #

It will be about new thoughts, feelings, and vision. About people and nature. About concepts of my mental model.

I want to create a deep connection with myself. And I want to rethink a lot of stuff.

here we go

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